The Centre for Search Research wishes to express grateful thanks to:

All teams who supply data to MREW on incidents involving searches for missing persons.  Without this data the Misper Behaviour Study and this app would not be possible.  We would strongly encourage the supply of data to Mountain Rescue England and Wales (MREW).  As the data set grows so the study becomes ever more reliable and robust.

Special thanks go to:

Rob Shepherd - Incident Statistics Officer, MREW.

Rob kindly extracts and provides the Missing Persons reports from the incident reports received by MREW.

Ged Feeney  -  Ged was the previous Incident Statistics Officer for MREW.

Thanks also to:

The Works Digital - Tim Mather and his team at The Works Digital have built this app and have been outstanding in understanding and responding to our needs and requirements.

Source of Data

The raw data used in this MISPER-UK app has been supplied mainly by Mountain Rescue Teams in England and Wales.  It is derived from incident reporting by teams involved in missing persons searches at the request of the police.

It is important to note that over 60% of all searches for missing persons conducted by Mountain Rescue Teams take place in non mountainous environments.