Courses we teach:

Field Skills:

A one day course looking at the theory and practice of searching for missing persons. The morning session is classroom based and teaches all aspects of the practical search skills required by a searcher in the field. Areas covered include Phases of an Incident; Detection and the Visual Process; Search Techniques; Search Tactics; Tracking; Searching at Night and Drowned Person Behaviour; a practical Clue Awareness exercise is included as part of the morning session.  The afternoon and early evening sessions take place outdoors in the field with opportunities to put the theory into practice during daytime and in darkness.  We usually limit the delivery of this course to the winter months (October to March) so we do not have to wait too long for it to get dark for the night search practical session.

Field Skills - Train the Trainer:

A course designed to enable experienced personnel to deliver our Field Skills Course to other members of their own organisation.  This course covers all of the teaching materials, examining each PowerPoint slide in detail and identifying the key teaching points.  Setting up and monitoring practical training sessions for trainees will be covered in the field as well as monitoring progress and recording results.  Students will be provided with all the teaching materials on a memory stick to familiarise themselves with  prior to a formal assessment involving a written exam, an assessment of their setting up for practical sessions and also an assessment of their ability to delver a module to a group of trainees.

Initial Response Search Management:

This course covers all aspects of managing a search for a missing person in the Initial Response phase of an incident.  It is entirely classroom based though does have a practical element included.  There are theory sessions covering aspects such as Missing Person Behaviour; The Six Step Process; ICT in Search.  There is a tutor guided practical map exercise followed by table top map exercises covering several different missing persons searches.

Beyond the Initial Response:

This course considers further actions for those incidents which progress beyond the first operational period. Included are modules on Phases; Search Probabilities; Investigating and Interviewing; The Sector Ladder; The Use of ICT; Involving Other Organisations: Briefing, De-briefing and Handover of Control.

Bespoke Courses and Seminars:

We are very happy to tailor courses and seminars to your team or organisations requirements.

More Information:

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Coming Soon

Search Group Leader:

We are currently in the process of developing a Search Group Leader course in recognition of the vital role a SGL plays in the search effort.