Immediate Response

This phase covers the first hour or two of an incident and gives an evidence based response. Search managers can suggest that police carry out the tactics outlined below whilst search teams are on standby or in transit to the incident.

Found Alive (3/4, 73%)

Fatality (1/5, 21%)

No Trace (1/20, 6%)

Approximately two thirds of missing persons who are found alive are found in a building or travel aid. A travel aid is something that the missing person might have walked along, particularly roads but could also be tracks and paths etc.

Search Tactics for Immediate Response

  • Search any buildings that the missing person may be in, particularly houses belonging to family and friends or care homes, hospitals, schools etc...
  • Drive any roads leading away from the place where the missing person was last know to be that they might have followed

Half of all missing persons (all categories) who are found alive are found within 2km of where they were last known to be: two thirds are found within 3km of where they were last known to be